These are some of the people who lived and worked on the Farm during the time it was open and gave part of their lives for the benefit of the girls and boys of Fairbridge. This list is scant – please help us with any information you have.


Allan, Mr H.R.M. (Malcolm) Principal 1957 (June) to 1963 (January)

Armitage, Mr Herbert Acting Principal in 1924

Arnott, Miss School Teacher 1950’s

Ashforth, Miss Katy Cottage Mother – Raleigh – 1981 – left August 1981

Austin, Mr Kingsley’s assistant and farm worker 1913

Ball, Mr A.E. Principal 1952 (March) to 1957 (June)

Bargh, Sister Dora Later Mrs Firmiston. Nurse at Fairbridge in the later 1920’s and through into the 1930’s. Left in 1937.

Barns, Mrs Sheila Cottage Mother Nelson 1950’s. Mother of John. Died on the farm in 1959.

Barrett, Mr Sports Master

Bartlett, Sister Mary Nursing sister 1964 to closure

Bartz, Mrs Marie Cottage Mother

Bates, Daisy Domestic assistant to Ruby Fairbridge 1912.

Beard, Mr Des Bus driver in the 1950’s – before Alwyn Bridges. Lived in Samuarez.

Bennett, Mrs B. Staff member 1981- unsure of role

Beverley, Mrs E. Cottage Mother – Shakespeare – from February 1981

Bird, Mrs Cottage Mother Livingstone 1950’s/1960’s

Bishop, Mr (Bernie) Chief cook at the main dining room 1950’s 1960’s

Blackwell, Mr Frank School teacher early 1960’s

Blair, Mrs Stella Cottage Mother Raleigh early 1960’s

Bond, Mr Alec Farm worker 1913. Killed in action in WW1

Bonwick, Miss Noreen Cottage Mother – Glasgow – from February 1981

Brain, Mr Gardener 1930’s

Brain, Mrs School Teacher 1930’s

Brayn, Mr Thos. H. Acting Principal in 1963 (February) to 1963 (June) and then Principal 1963 (June) to 1975 (July)

Bridge, Miss Teacher at Primary School 1922-1924

Bridges, Mr Alwyn Old Fairbridge boy from 1939 & bus driver etc 1950’s/1960’s. Worked in the Store in the war years when C.P.Grant was Acting Principal. Here in 2008, Mr B. is still going strong and lives in Mandurah. He’s always got a humorous anecdote to relate!

Bridges, Miss Cherie Cottage Mother – Raleigh – from June 1981

Brighton, Miss/Mrs Cottage Mother Shakespeare until about 1958

Bromilow, Archdeacon Church Minister early 1960’s

Bryan, Mr Ron Maintenance Supervisor from February 1981

Buck, Mr David Old Fairbridge boy & Mandurah Camp organiser & supervisor 1950’s/1960’s.

Buckee, Commander House Master to 1964

Burns, Mrs Cottage Mother 1950’s

Burston, Mrs Laundress, nurse and housekeeper 1916

Byford, Mrs Cottage Mother Hudson 1920’s

Cassidy, Miss Janet School Teacher early 1960’s

Castle, Miss Cottage Mother Clive 1950’s

Challen, Mr Rector, 1930’s

Champion, Mr Roy Carpenter early 1960’s

Chapman, Mrs Cottage Mother Hudson 1950’s.

Chard, Mrs Cottage Mother 1950’s

Churguine, Miss Staff Kitchen Manager from at least 1963 & most likely before that

Clarke, Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Cottage Mother Shakespeare from October 1962 to August 1963. Living with her in the cottage during that period were her two daughters one of whom was Jean. Mrs Clarke passed away in Aberdeen, Scotland in November 1999.

Cleal, Mr Ivan Butcher – 1981

Cole-Hamilton, Mrs “Miss” to many of her 1930’s girls. Passed away in 1981 in the U.K. aged in her 80’s.

Crofts, Mrs Hazel Cottage Mother – Cook & Glasgow – from May 1981

Dalglish, Mr Don Maintenance man 1981(and probably prior)

Davey, Mrs S. Staff member 1981- unsure of role

Deighan, Elizabeth Eugene Cottage Mother 1920 to 1932. Died in 1932 at approximately 30 years of age & buried in Pinjarra (information Gina Giannasi)

de Jong, Miss Carla Teacher 1959 and 1960.

Dennehy, Miss Mary 1916 onwards – office worker, matron, secretary etc

Dix, Mr Norm Engineer early 1960’s. Also taught Tech Drawing at Pinjarra High School.

Dowie, Mr Sports Master around 1926

Edwards, Miss Elva Cottage Mother – Raleigh – 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Elliott, Mr George Old Fairbridge boy and Farm Manager of pigs & poultry 1950’s-1970’s. Post-closure caretaker

Ensly, Mr N. School Teacher 1953-1955. Miss Audrey Millar, who also taught at Fairbridge married Mr Ensly in September 1954. Mr Ensly died in 2003 but always remained interested in his Fairbridge days. He remained in contact with Mr Stan Mudford over the years. He also wrote his first University thesis on the Kingsley Fairbridge Farm Schools Society. (Information courtesy Mr Ensly’s daughter, Jennifer, who was a teacher’s college student of Mr David Buck, back in the 1970’s).

Evans, Miss Marian Staff Kitchen early 1960’s

Ewers, Mrs Betty Cottage Mother – Wolfe – 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Fairbridge, Mr Kingsley Ogilvie Founder and Principal 1912 to 1924

Fairbridge, Mrs Ruby Co-founder and Matron

Featherstone, Miss Fairbridge Office & Church organist, early 1960’s

Ferguson, Mr M. Assistant to Mr J. Palmer (Sports Master) around 1980

Francis, Mr Peter Welfare Officer – 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Francis, Mrs P. Office secretary – 1980’s (an perhaps prior)

Franklin, Mr & Mrs Clubhouse caretakers 1940’s

Fraser, Miss Hilda Matron – perhaps 1950’s – lived in Evelyn

Frazer, Miss Cottage Mother Hudson 1950’s

Freeman, Mr Farm – dairy – early 1960’s

Fry, Mrs Bettina Matron 1950’s/1960’s. Mrs Fry was a Cottage Mother at Wolfe prior to becoming Matron.

Fryer-Smith, Mr Dick 1916 teacher/farmer and from 1918 administrator

Gaines, Mr Brian School Headmaster 1964 onwards. Previous school was Halls Creek.

Gardiner, Miss Primary School (Grades 1,2 & 3) teacher early 1960’s (after Miss Jan Cassidy)

Garley, Mr & Mrs After Care officers 1940’s

Gibbs, Miss R. M.. School Teacher 1930’s

Gibson, Miss Anne Cottage Mother Kitchener early 1960’s

Giles, Mr Cecil Acting Principal in 1924 and again in 1927

Goodman, Mrs (or Miss) Mandurah Camp cook 1940’s/1950’s. Also Assistant to Matron ( Miss Hilda Fraser) & lived in Evelyn.

Goulder, Mr R.J.H. Acting Principal in 1942 (October) to 1943 (June)

Grant, Mr C.P. Acting Principal in 1943 (June) to 1948 (also Storekeeper)

Grant, Mrs C.P. Acting Matron 1943 to 1948 and office administrator

Greenup, Mrs Alison Cottage Mother (probably relieving) 1981

Greenish, Mrs Beryl Cottage mother in 1930’s (particularly 1937). Beryl was later a cottage mother at Northcote Farm in Bacchus Marsh. Information thanks to Judy Nixon.

Hadley, Mr Jock Dairyman 1950’s/1960’s

Hagart, Mr B. Maintenance Staff Leading Hand around 1980

Hamilton, Miss Glenda Cottage Mother – Raleigh – 1981 – commenced August 1981

Hamlett, Mrs Marie Cottage Mother – Clive – 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Hammond, Mrs Edna Cottage Mother 1950’s

Hanlin, Reverend Frank Principal 1925 to 1926

Harding, Mrs Joy Cottage Mother 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Harris, Mrs Cottage Mother Hudson 1965

Hartfield, Mr Gardener from 1912 to 1914

Hartfield, Mrs Emily Domestic servant and nurse from 1912 to 1914

Hatch, Mr Frank Unknown

Hawkins, Irene Cottage Mother during the 1970’s

Hay, Mr Arthur Staff Member retired January 1981. Don’t know role or for how long

Healy, Mr Edward Stanley Acting Principal in 1950 (December) to 1952 (March) & School Headmaster 1930’s & 1940’s

Heath, Colonel Sidney John Principal 1928 (May) to 1935

Heathcote, Mrs Beryl Cottage Mother (probably relieving) 1981

Heathcote, Miss Wendy Cottage Mother – Hudson – plus Clinic Attendant – February to October 1981

Hearty, Mr School Teacher 1930’s

Hendell, Miss Cottage Mother Haig early 1960’s

Hendry, Mr 1920 onwards – co-designer and principle builder of the New Farm

Henwood, Mr Hugh Bus driver in the 1970’s/1980’s

Henwood, Mrs Marie Clinic Attendant from 19 October 1981

Hewley, Mr Paget Farm worker from 1912

Hodge, Father Church Minister 1950’s & 60’s

Holland, Marge Clubhouse cook 1940’s

Hopkins, Miss Dorothy Cottage Mother – Kitchener – 1981

Horton, Mrs Ruby Cottage Mother 1981

Houston, Mrs June Cottage Mother – Clive – from June 1981

Hunt, Mrs Cottage Mother Warren Hastings early 1960’s

Huxham, Mrs Cottage Mother Clive 1930’s

Hyde, Mrs J. Bookkeeper 1980’s

Hyde, Miss S. Switchboard/receptionist 1980’s

Ibbotson, Mr Dudley School Headmaster early 1960’s

James, Miss Barbara Cottage Mother – Shakespeare – from May 1981

Jarvis, Mrs Cottage Mother Belfast early 1960’s

Jasper, Mr R. Staff member 1981 – don’t know role or period

Jenkins, Mr Robbie Maintenance man 1980’s

Jennings, Mrs Cottage Mother Cook early 1960’s

Jewell (Caldwell), Mrs School Teacher 1930’s

Kearley, Mr Gerald Farm worker 1912 onwards

Kendal, Sister Nursing Sister 1950’s

King, Mr Old Bedford truck driver early 1960’s

Kittell, Miss Cottage Mother – Shakespeare – around 1928

Lamb, Mrs Cottage Mother early 1960’s

Lander, Mrs Millie Cottage Mother – Rhodes – 1981. (Old Fairbridgian and OFA many years – very long association)

Lawson, Mr Frank Dairyman in the 1960’s

Leigh, Mrs Cottage Mother 1940’s

Levis, Mr Fred Power House Attendant early 1960’s. Also managed the Laundry.

Lewis, Miss S.M. School Teacher 1930’s

Line, Mr John A. Acting Principal 1975 (July) to 1975 (October) & Principal 1975 (October) to 1981

Loughlin (The “Captain”) Farm worker from the very start – 1912-1913

Lutey, Miss Office Administrator & lived in Evelyn sometime 1940’s/50’s

MacKenzie, Mrs Cottage Mother Lawley early 1960’s

Madden, Mrs Cottage Mother Wolfe early 1960’s

Mansfield, Mrs From the 1930’s. Passed away circa 1981

Massey, Mr J.T. Principal 1938 (July) to 1939 (February)

McCarthy, Miss Susan Cottage Mother – Glasgow – July & August 1981

McFall, Miss Ivy Cottage Mother – Cook – 1966 to 1981 (retired May 1981). She has a remembrance plaque in the Memorial Rose Garden.

McKinnon, Mrs Roberta (Bobbie) Cottage Mother – Raleigh – from May 1981

McLaren, Mrs Cottage Mother Wolfe early 1960’s

McNish, Mr Findlay School Teacher 1970’s

Mein, Mr Wilfred Gordon Principal 1948 to 1950 (December)

Middleton, Miss Nora (Middy) Cottage Mother Darwin 1950’s/1960’s

Mihovilovich, Mr (Dunkle) Market gardener early 1960’s

Millar, Miss Audrey School Teacher early 1950’s. Married fellow Fairbridge school teacher, Mr N. Ensly in 1954. (See entry, Mr N. Ensly)

Miller, Miss L. Cottage Mother Glasgow 1950’s

Mir, Mrs Kathleen Susan Cottage Mother Hudson 1959-1964

Missingham, Miss Faith Domestic Science teacher in the late 1930’s. Passed away in 1981.

Morrisby, Kath Teacher at the school – 1932/1933

Moran, Mrs Cottage Mother Hudson 1965

Mudford, Mr Stan School Headmaster 1950’s

Muir, Mrs Cottage Mother Glasgow early 1960’s

Mutton, Mrs Cottage Mother 1950’s

Nesbitt, Mrs Isobel Cottage Mother – Glasgow & Hudson – from May 1981

Newboult, Miss Kim Cottage Mother – Clive – from May 1981

Nix, Mr Gardener 1930’s

Oates, Mr Kitchen 1930’s

Ogley, Mr Chris Maintenance man 1981 (an perhaps prior)

Orr, Sister Nursing Sister 1950’s/1960’s

Palmer, Mr Jon Sports Master/Activities Supervisor 1981 & prior

Palmer, Mrs K. Staff 1981- don’t know role or period

Parry, Mrs Cottage Mother relieving early 1960’s

Paterson, Mr A. Dallas Principal 1936 (May) to 1937 (September)

Paull, Mrs Cottage Mother Nelson 1960’s

Perry, Mrs Ellen Cottage Mother Glasgow

Perryman, Miss D. Nursing Sister 1960’s. Drove the blue car. Also known as “Braemar”.

Pettit, Mr Bill Storekeeper 1950’s/1960’s

Phelps, Mr Keith Farm hand of the late 1950’s. Used to relieve in the store when the store manager was on leave. Wife is Silvia & their six children included Raymond, Trevor, Kerry, David & Christine.

Phillips, Miss Connie School staff around 1928

Prince, Miss Cottage Mother – later married Mr Goulder who was acting Principal in 1942 & 1943.

Pringle, Miss Cottage Mother. Died in 1983 at the age of 93.

Proctor, Mrs First laundress at the Old School

Proctor, Reverend Kenneth S. Acting Principal in 1935

Radford, Mr Barry Maintenance man from February 1981 – resided in Newton

Reid, Mr Tom Farm Manager early 1960’s

Reynolds, Mrs Cottage Mother to 1960.

Riley, Mr Graham Bookkeeper from February 1981

Rist, Mrs Mary Cottage Mother – Nelson – 1981

Roberts, Mrs Dorothy Cottage Mother Raleigh 1950’s

Roberts, Mrs School Teacher around 1917

Scanlan, Mr A.J. School Teacher 1930’s

Schokoff, Mrs Cottage Mother 1950’s

Scott, Miss Margaret Cottage Mother – Rhodes – from February 1981

Sergeant, Mr A. Staff 1981 -don’t know role

Sherlock, Mrs Cottage Mother relieving early 1960’s

Shilkin, Mrs I. Family Settlements Officer – around 1980

Shugar, Mr Jim Chief Cook 1930’s

Smith, Mr Farmer-in-charge during Kingsley’s absence in England post WW1

Stagg, Mrs Eileen Cottage Mother Hudson 1965. Husband Gus used to visit. Drove a Triumph Herald. Lived Mosman Park.

Stark, Mrs Cottage Mother Glasgow 1960’s

Steele, Mr Alfred F. After Care Office & Acting Principal 1964-1965

Stevens, Mrs Cottage Mother Glasgow 1960’s

Stevenson, Mr Jim Staff 1960’s

Stockden, Mr K. Staff 1981 – don’t know role

Stokes, Mr John School Teacher 1913

Strathern, Miss Cottage Mother – Shakespeare around 1962

Tanner, Mr Farm early 1960’s

Thatcher, Mr T. Assistant to Mr J. Palmer (Sports Master) around 1980

Thompkinson, Miss Cottage Mother – Rhodes – late 1920’s and early 1930’s

Thompson, Miss Rita Cottage Mother Shakespeare early 1960’s

Ticehurst, Mrs Cottage Mother Wolfe who took over from Mrs Fry about 1959/1960 when she became Matron (thanks Elayne from Alice Springs).

Turner, Mrs Cottage Mother Clive & Shakespeare 1950’s/60’s

Wade, Mr N. Staff 1981- don’t know role

Ward, Mr J. Deputy Principal under Mr J. Line around 1980

Waterland, Miss Mabel Cottage Mother – Cook in the 1930’s and also a Mother at Molong.. She left the Farm to marry Mr Cave. She has a remembrance plaque in the Memorial Rose Garden.

Watson, Canon Walter H. Acting Principal in 1937 (October) to 1938 and again 1939 (March) to 1942

Watts, Mr Fill-in for Kingsley Fairbridge 1920’s or earlier

Whent, Reverend School Chaplain 1950’s

Wickham, Mrs Emma Elizabeth Domestic & House Mother to first party of boys in 1913 and then onwards

Williams, Mrs Ruby Cottage Mother – Clive – 1981 (before that relieving Cottage Mother)

Wilson, Mrs Mary Cottage Mother – Darwin – 1981

Wilson, Mrs Pam Assistant Matron/Administration – 1981 & prior. Since then has long association with OFA as Committee Member.

Wishart, Mr Noel House Master from 1964 to closure

Woods, Miss Not known

Wray, Mr Gardener 1940’s

Young, Miss P.C. School Teacher 1930’s

Young, Mr & Mrs Laundry 1930’s/40’s

Yull, Mr G. Farm Manager 1930’s

Yull, Mrs G. Mandurah Camp Manager 1930’s