The following copies of type written pages are extracts from a report which was written some time prior to the end of the Great War. The report from which the extracts  have come is not complete, has a title of “CODE of the Fairbridge Farm School, no definitive statement of who actually wrote it. It has come from Fairbridge House and has been made available by the good graces of the Allan family.

As Fairbridge W.A. was already in existence at the time of the report, significant reference has been made regarding the setup of Fairbridge W.A. It is this information that is included here. Noting there is a three page note titled “News Pamphlet for England” by Kingsley Fairbridge and the paper and the typewriter are consistent throughout the pages it is not unreasonable to assume it was produced in Fairbridge W.A. and formed part of the news pamphlet. It is also likely the full report exists in book form, but it is not known at this time.

The document held starts at III,  and is titled “C O D E of the Fairbridge Farm School”. The remainder of this page is as follows:

Part I, General Ethics   –  or The Rules for British Life.

Part II, Particular Ethice  –   or  The Rules of the Fairbridge Farm School.

Part IV, Last Message  to  Those going forth to seek their fortune

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News Pamphlet for England  –   Note by the Founder
The Housing Problems
Hints to Farm Boys of fifteen
The Potential for additional Farm Schools in Australia