Committee Member Change

Hello Members and supporters of the Old Fairbridgians Association. I am truly sorry that the

last newsletter for 2012 did not go out to you all. The blame is entirely mine. At least in part

it has been caused by an extended bout of sickness your editor suffered for most of last


The committee has had its share of difficulties this last year and as you are all probably

aware we had the midterm resignation of our immediate past President Mr. Norm

Heslington but fortunately he has been replaced by the very able and dedicated Richard


We feel that the bulk of our difficulties are now behind us and we are focused on the

exceptionally important centennial year ahead.

To the committee members who hung in there and continued through some often very

difficult meetings and times, I want to pass on my personal thanks for your courage and


As per the OFA Constitution the following letter was sent to the membership explaining the

consequential actions pertaining to the Presidency. Mike B

Notice to all Members of the Old Fairbridgians Association

Dear Members

The previous President, Mr. Norman Heslington has resigned his position as President of

Old Fairbridgians Association. As a consequence of this resignation it was necessary

OFA Constitution to convene a committee meeting to appoint a replacement President

to serve out the balance of the term that Mr. Heslington would have served had he

continued for the full term.

On Tuesday the 18th of September the committee met and there being a constitutional

quorum present the meeting opened at 10.55 am. The first item of business on the

agenda was the appointment of a new President of the OFA to serve out the balance of

the term. The minutes of the meeting record that IIMr. Richard Sherwood was

nominated and seconded”, a vote was taken and Mr. Sherwood was elected


As I have accepted the position, it is now necessary under section 7.05 to notify members of the appointment at the earliest opportunity. This letter serves to notify members.

I will be performing the tasks of the President to the best of my ability for the balance of the term of office which is to the next AGM in February 2013.

Signed Richard Sherwood


The back to Fairbridge weekend in November is gathering momentum


Once again another great back to Fairbridge weekend was had on the is” – 18th November. Lots of laughs shared amongst the 21 people who filled Fairbridge House. Friday night was a very nice dinner at The Barn on Pinjarra Rd. Lois always loves to join us and also for Saturday dinner which we have at Fairbridge House. A scrumptious cooked breakfast was had on Saturday morning by Chefs Doug Hambour and Brian Ellison and a few helping hands beating eggs and making toast. It was pointed out that I have spoilt myself of late as I no longer like eating the crusts. A lazy morning before heading off to Mandurah as some had not seen the changes that have taken place. A picnic lunch was enjoyed by the water then we headed back to Fairbridge before the rain set in. The weather was very kind to us and the heavens did not open till the evening.


Maxine once again excelled herself with decorating the dinner table in a Christmas theme. She also added a nice touch by giving everyone a sachet with our cottage name and a pair of cut out shorts and T shirt and a threepence which Maxine had been saving for a very long time.


Chefs Lynne Alfonsi, Di Ellison and Brian Ellison cooked the main course to go with the lovely cheese cakes that Maxine Wagner and Joan Buchanan made. The kitchen table was laden with chockies and licorice all sorts so I think most of us went home a kilo or two heavier. The evenings were spent reminiscing or playing games. Pictionary is a very popular one and by about 1.30am most are in bed listening to the possums run around the ceiling and in the morning woken by the beautiful peacocks. Early morning walks spotting the kangaroos are popular with some as it is so peaceful. We can always rely on Norm to make an early trip into Pinjarra and collect a few West Australians and Sunday Times and any forgotten grocery items.


If anyone is interested in joining us this year you may call me on (numbers removed) for more details. Alas we will no longer be given the privilege of only paying $100 for both nights as we now are obliged to pay the full price less 10. With a full house the accommodation will still be reasonable.


Thanks to Lynne Alfonsi for providing this info on the annual get together.