The original history of Fairbridge W.A. website was compiled by Gordon Stuart and Stuart Law and did at that time become the official website of the Old Fairbridgians Association (OFA).
In January 2013  after having run the site for some seven years the site was put up for another person to run. It was not to be and accordingly the website and its Domain Name were allowed to lapse and vanish from the internet.

At the end of 2013, having noted the website was no longer, undertook to rebuild a “fairbridgekids”. The site has consequently been rebuilt and was greatly helped by Gordon who made the data from his old website available. In assembling this site much of the original data was included and the original layout format included where possible. While the website is fully administered by this webmaster, it is now an agreed site between Gordon and Barry.
The website is for Fairbridge Kids to assist them in remembering their past and try to compile something of the history for the future. The site is provided without cost to the OFA or other interested parties for, hopefully, the enjoyment of all Old Fairbridgians, families and anyone who may have an interest in the past Fairbridge Farm School – Pinjarra W.A.

Where viewers may have additional historical information etc, and it is possible to include in this site, they should feel free to email the webmaster.



Information contributed to be included in the original site and acknowledge as follows
The Mir Family for permitting us of some of their photos.
The loan photos and publishing of photos belonging to Lois Elliott.
Jan Churchill for making available his extensive “Fairbridge Time Line”, her press cuttings collection, and identifying people, places and dates for many of the photos on the web-site.
Gladys Mares for providing her extensive collection of old photos and making sure the Fairbridge Girls were well represented. A fabulous contribution – we are truly indebted to Gladys. Thank you so much!
John Sumner for his family Fairsky pictures of 1963.his memorabilia including his Fairbridge report!
Marcelle O’Brien who loaned her extensive photo album. It included many old photos and some more recent.
Mike Barnett and George Braithwaite who worked through the old photos to try and put some names and times to them.
John Sumner, John Barns, Bob Mitchell and Barry Stuart for their stories.
The Old Fairbridgians Association (W.A.) for kindly allowing the publishing of their Committee structure plus copies of recent reports.
The Old Fairbridgians Association (W.A.) Museum for generously making available some of their historic documents including reports, maps, Children’s School Magazine etc, plus a selection of editions of The Fairbridgian.
Mr John Smith, Chairman the Board of Fairbridge W.A for photos of the Old Fairbridge Farm plus information he had of the Old Farm.
Mark Anderson, CEO of Faibridge Inc, and his staff (Julie, Annette & Iggy) for their hospitality providing photo to unoccupied buildings!
Ken Ducker some1963 photos.
Jeff Carroll (teacher, Pinjarra High in the 1960’s) for teacher and Fairbridge kids photos from the early 1960’s.
Noel Wishart (old sports master) for provision of his photos and notes.
Christine Douglass for use of her Facebook information. “Fairbridge Kids (1913 to 1981)”.
Penelope Allan (daughter of Principal Allan) for provision of photos and historical information.

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Copyright of a photograph is vested in the person who takes the photograph, not usually persons in the photograph, unless copyright is expressly agreed. For many old photographs shown on these pages, due to the age of the photographs (those generally 50 to 100 years plus in age), it may be difficult to determine with whom ownership is actually vested. Some of the very old photographs could now indeed be considered to be in the public domain.
All material published on this website is there as an historical record and not published for any commercial benefit.
An individuals privacy rights are respected. If anyone objects to the publication of any photographs or their details then please make it known. However, please bear in mind that we are all part of this same history and the sum of each of us makes the whole. The same applies to any of the text on this site. This site is about history and sharing that history. Please also note the copyright section above.
Contact Addresses
No details (contact or otherwise) will be made available or published without the express permission of the person.
Helping each other is important. Where any person is looking to contact an old Fairbridgian friend or family member then any request can only be made through the Old Fairbridgians Association, details of which are listed under ”OFA” heading of this website.
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Downloading Photos
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