OFA  Fairbridge branded items for sale:

A new ball point pen which is branded with the wording Old Fairbridgians Association will shortly be available for sale (approx two weeks from 15 Feb 2019). Pens will cost $5.00  plus postage. A picture of the pen will be listed once available.

As some children left Fairbridge to take up employment, they were issued with a Fairbridge lapel badge. This badge has been resurrected by the OFA  and is also available for $15.00 plus $2.50 postage. Refer to the picture below.

If you would like to acquire these items, please contact the OFA via email:  fairbridgewa@gmail.com or The Secretary, PO Box 173 Pinjarra WA 6208. Items will also be available at the Museum and OFA functions.

ofa badge







Contact information for the    Old.Fairbridgians.Association. (W.A).

The President

Old Fairbridgians Association Inc

PO Box 173

PINJARRA  W.A.  6208


OFA  EMAIL:   fairbridgewa@gmail.com


OFA Membership Application Form attached



The OFA was formed as far back as 1930. While the Farm School has now closed, the OFA is still in operation and is located within the Fairbridge village. The village is now owned by the charity group “Fairbridge Inc of W.A.” having been bought from AlCOA for $1.00.

The Association was initially established as a benevolent instrument to provide after-care and support for Fairbridge boys and girls who had graduated through their traineeship and gone out into the workforce in the general community.

In the old days, Fairbridge boys and girls generally left the Farm at around the age of 16-17 years and went off to work in predominantly farming or domestic positions. Western Australia, in those days, was very much in “pioneer” mode and many of the boys and girls found jobs in places quite remote from Perth and even Pinjarra and communications back to the Farm and between each other was difficult. There were many times that these boys and girls needed to return home – through sickness, through termination of their job, or simply to take a holiday back home. Their home was Fairbridge and the Old Fairbridgians’ Association ensured that these people had a welcoming and friendly home to return to, as they often did.

The Clubhouse was purposely built back in 1933 as a home for visiting Old Fairbridgians.

Just take a look at some of the published pages on this site from “The Fairbridgian” magazine (the voice of the OFA) to see the extent of involvement of Old Fairbridgians, staff and even Board members in the Association over the years.

As time passed and the role of Fairbridge changed thus the number of Old Fairbridgians who needed this level of after-care dwindled. Nevertheless, the Association is alive and well today and still provides a communication line between Old Fairbridgians, provides regular news letters for members, and organises regular get-togethers such as annual ANZAC Day, Founder’s Day and Christmas functions.

An important day every year is the celebration of Founder’s Day – Kingsley Fairbridge. Each year on the Sunday closest to Kingsley’s untimely passing (July 19, 1924) many Old Fairbridgians make a pilgrimage to the Farm and remember Kingsley and also meet up with many old friends over lunch in the Clubhouse. All Old Fairbridgians and friends of Fairbridge are very welcome.



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