President:   Derek Smith   Phone 93375685              Vice President:   Graham Bennett  Phone 92472270

Secretary:   Frank Wood      Phone 05359300            Treasurer:    Christine Douglas  Phone 92952684

Committee Members: Lynne Alfonsi, Robin Goulder, Kathy Camisa, and Joan Buchanan.




The President

Old Fairbridgians Association Inc

PO Box 173

Pinjarra WA 6208



Important dates for 2014

Anzac Day Service              Sunday 4th May 2014 commencing 10.00am.

We muster at the Memorial Gates, however if it should be inclement weather we retreat to the Clubhouse.

Founders Day Service        Sunday 20th July 2014 commencing   10.00am in the Chapel.

Special General Meeting    Sunday 7th September 2014

 Christmas Party      Sunday 7th December    Make sure you bring the Grandkids.


With the elections done and dusted, Team 2014 reviewed our positions and the realisation of the enormity of the task. From a personal perspective I would like to congratulate all members of Team 2014 upon there appointment, and thank all members of the OFA for their foresight in appointing such a talented and dedicated group of people.

At our first “monthly” meeting, issues and concerns identified by those members who attended the 2014 AGM were discussed. However, the main focus of this meeting was to implement business principles, based on cost centre financial management strategies and introducing procedures and processes to take our unique organisation forward in a structured and auditable manner. During this period, Committee members were allocated specific tasks aligned to the annual functions, which have become a tradition in the OFA calendar.

A crucial project for 2014 is the OFA Constitution, appreciatively the team responsible for the work undertaken in 2013 agreed to carry on with this important task. It is imperative to have this document aligned to the current situation under which the OFA operates, as there are many legal requirements and business principles which exist in today’s society that were non-existence 10 years ago.

Another significant change, the introduction of an email address,, also we have a PO Box 173, Pinjarra WA 6208. You are advised to use these points of contact for all communications with the OFA. Responses to your communications will mirror the process by which your original communication was received,

The OFA treasurer is also in the process of introducing EFT, for payment of membership dues and other accounts. This should help many of our members, particularly members living overseas.

We are also pleased to advise, the christening and re-launch of the “Official Fairbridge Kids Web Site”. The address you need to access the site; There is no password. This site is open for any person to view and comment. This site is most important to our history and future as it collects electronically the history of the Fairbridge Kids at Pinjarra.

This is a project in progress, and it is intended to have this and subsequent newsletter’s placed on the website. And it is not unthinkable to suggest that the website will become the legacy of Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra and the children who spent time at this place.

I am confident in suggesting that there are a multitude of Fairbridge Kids who spent time at Pinjarra in Western Australia, are very pleased to see this milestone achieved.

On behalf of the many Fairbridge Kids, who rely on this site to remain in contact with the OFA, friends, colleagues I would like to personally thank the team of people who supported the initiative to launch this site, which for many years was in the “wilderness”.

For those who were at the “programming face” us Fairbridge Kids are thankful too Barry and his family. We truly have been exposed to the global village concept with this project.

An alarming situation that has become evident there has been a disturbing reduction in our membership. The Association has lost contact with many Fairbridge Kids and this is not surprising as our members live in many far flung parts of the globe and are raising families or have a multitude of other important circumstances in their lives.

If you know a Fairbridge Kid in this situation, suggest to them to look on the web site, where there will be the capability to renew membership.

(Refer to contacts listed under OFA heading)


Important information.

In accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 members are entitled to copy the membership list. At present we have a request to copy this list. If you receive correspondence that you feel may be ongoing and do not wish to continue to receive it please  respond to the author of the said correspondence informing them you do not want any further information from them.


Memorial Wall Plaques.

The cost for ordering a plaque is $250 and this will cover the cost of providing and installing the plaque. The plaques can be ordered in advance and a place on the wall reserved for the plaque. The cost for this will be an additional $50 so a total $300 is required for both the plaque and a reserved position.

Museum Volunteers.

We are in urgent need of volunteers for the Museum. Not only is this a rewarding experience you gain valuable insight to our heritage. By keeping the museum open we also increase funds to the Association.

Please make this a serious commitment and contact Joan Buchanan on or phone 93993388. Our most urgent need is for the Fairbridge Festival weekend 26th and 27th April   2014.


To reduce administration costs we would like as many Old Fairbridgians as possible to receive newsletters and correspondence via email. Therefore it would be appreciated if you could advise your email address and permission of its use.