Summer 2011 (January)


The Committee would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2001. The Projects Committee has been very busy over the past year meeting regularly to endeavour to update the present Constitution and to redefine the aims and aspirations of the Association, as authorised by the membership at the 2010 AGM. Progress reports are available on request. The 2011 AGM will be held in the Clubhouse on Sunday February 27th, commencing 10.30am.


The Christmas get-together was an enjoyable occasion and we were delighted to see Charles Brown up from Albany. Charles must be one of our oldest members who is still participating in events – he is 94!


It is with regret that we note the passing of Joan Broughton (nee Bailey 1934) and of Arthur Tickner (1928). A number of Fairbridgians are now in care, amongst them Sally (Alice) Karth (nee Kynoch 1928), Joan Thompson (nee McGillvray 1935), Margaret Trigg (nee Henderson 1939), Bill Brooks (1932) and Cyril Wise (1934).


Val Hobbs has left W.A. for N.S.W. – address on application.


In November Fairbridge held a Graduation Ceremony for the trainees and Beryl Newberry was able to be present to witness the Bill Newberry Award presentations. The Governor, Ken Michael was also present, together with representatives from the Grand Lodge of Freemasons, BIS, Jaxon and Doric Constructions, as well as families and friends of the recipients.


The new classrooms are complete in the school area and it is hoped that the multi-purpose building will be completed ahead of schedule, by March of this year, with a grand opening planned for later in the year.


On April 2nd 2011 the inaugural Brass ‘n’ Stumps Charity Cricket Event will take place on the oval at Fairbridge. The event is organised by the WACA, the Lords Taverners WA, the Lords Taverners Peel and the Shire of Murray. It should be a fun filled day with music and stalls, exhibitions, junior cricket and best of all, loads of cricket champions and other celebrities. Fairbridgians are most welcome!


Spring 2010 (October)


It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of David Buck, friend, mentor and steadfast Fairbridgian. He will be missed by us all. David was a very private person and as such did not want any fuss made after his death, however the Association held a Gathering in the Clubhouse on May 16th to celebrate his life and afterwards to scatter his ashes around Rhodes Cottage and on the Rose Garden. We were able to contact a number of David’s former colleagues from the Maths Association and the Education Department as well as a number of OF’s. There were no long speeches, just a short resume of his life and achievements and Joan Halls, who came to Fairbridge with David in the same party in 1933, was persuaded to share some of her memories of David as a very young boy. We also note the passing of Ron Chatfield (1937).


There have been some changes to the Committee following the resignations of Lyn Alfonsi (President) and Stuart Law (Vice President). The Committee is continuing reviewing the Constitution and other issues facing the Association, as authorised by the membership at the AGM and will be delivering its findings and review for your consideration well before the 2011 AGM. Graham Bennett, a former president and member of the committee has agreed to chair all further meetings supported by Joan Halls, Jan Churchill, Rosemary Pearce and Irena Harrison.


On October 17th, Millie Lander’s family are gathering at Fairbridge in order to scatter Millie’s ashes at the Rose Garden.


Founder’s Day was reasonably well attended although the numbers continue to decline owing to age and illness. The address was give by Brian Doy from Alcoa. Brian is a former Fairbridge Board Member and was very much involved with Fairbridge after the hand-over in 1983. Mark Anderson, Fairbridge CEA, presented an old family bible to replace on that was defaced by vandals in the Church.


In mid-May we had a visit from Pat Skidmore who is the Secretary of the OFA in Canada. We were able to take her down to the Village and show her around and she was especially impressed with the Museum. Pat then went over to NSW and went out to Molong, and visited some of the Molong Old Fairbridgians.


Autumn 2010 (April)


At the AGM held in February, Lyn Alfonsi was elected President of the Association for 2010, Stuart Law as Vice-President, and the following members agreed to serve on the Committee: Jan Churchill, Irena Harrison, Rosemary Pearce, Graham Bennett, and welcome to Joan Halls. Sadly, David Buck has to retire from active participation in the affairs of the Association due to ill health. We shall miss David’s loyalty and dedication to the OFA and Fairbridge, and his wise counsel.


The new Committee will review: The Vision Award, the 100th Anniversary of the first Fairbridge Child migrants to W.A., falling membership, and the preservation and administration of the Museum. The OFA held a workshop regarding the Museum and the use of volunteers to operate it and assist visitors. It is proposed to have the Museum open on the first and third Sundays of each month (from 12pm to 3pm) but these dates could be extended if qualified volunteers are available.


Ronnie Sabin, an ex-Molong boy is about to publish his personal story “The Long Way Home”. If you would like a copy, please contact Debbie Hudson of 6 Tomah Street, St Ives Chase, NSW 2075. The all-up cost in Australia is $34.95.


See you all there for the ANZAC Day Memorial Service to be held at the Memorial Gates on May 2nd starting at 10.45am! If it’s pouring with rain the service will be held in the Clubhouse.


Summer 2010 (February)


The AGM will be held on Sunday February 21st in the Clubhouse at Fairbridge and we hope that as many of you as possible can attend, despite the numbers of OFA’s dwindling. We note the passing of Peter Prisgrove (1956) and extend our sympathy to his family. Lois Elliott has asked we mention the passing of George’s twin sister, Betty, in the UK. Betty did not come to Fairbridge with George but visited some years ago and George later went to England to stay with her.


A number of OFA’s are not well at present including David Buck, Ted Collins, George Churchill, Dorothy Williams, Patsy Cowcher, Eileen Nottle, Tim Purser and Stuart Law. We wish them all well. Lois Elliott is now in a wheelchair as her damaged Achilles tendon is not healing well.


Jan Churchill and helpers have done a magnificent job of reorganising everything in the Museum and re-presenting the photo collection. A “must” stop for any Fairbridge visitors!


Fairbridge has recommenced work on the Multi-Purpose facility at the Primary School. Also, Jenner Cottage has had some upgrading, alterations to Livingstone are nearly complete, parking areas around the Office, Reception and around the Primary School have been sealed; and Darwin Cottage will need some roof repairs in the near future.


Ronnie Sabin (Molong 1950) is believed to be writing a book about his memories and experiences of Fairbridge Molong, somewhat along the lines of “The Miracle of Fairbridge”. The Forward to the book will be by Professor Geoff Sherrrington (Empire Child Migration).