A history of Fairbridge – Mainly Pinjarra.

You are particularly invited to view the many pictures (located under “Old Photos – Fairbridge Pinjarra People & Village across the decades”) of those who were the kids who passed through Fairbridge over the years.

These pictures have been, for the most part, provided by the kids who lived there.


 The story of Kingsley Fairbridge by Himself –  Excerpts from the book

Epilogue from the book (The story of Kinglsley Fairbridge by himself) written by R.E Fairbridge

Ruby Fairbridge -The Building of a Farm School

Titles of other more recent books

 Newspaper Articles

Ruby Fairbridge

Colin Marsh


Fairbridge Pinjarra Buildings – A history of each of the buildings


Child Immigration Society, Fairbridge Farm Schools, & Fairbridge Inc.

1912 Kingsley Fairbridge Child Immigration Speech

1950 The Fairbridge Society – On A Fairbridge Farm

1951 Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School Information Booklet

1917 to 1938 Fairbridge Farm Schools – Child Emigration Society (Oxford) Annual Reports

1949 to 1979 Fairbridge Society Annual Reports

Children’s Activities – Pinjarra

Cottage Capers concert program 1967

School Council Magazine 1964-1965

Fairbridge Farm School W.A.

Compilation of report on how future Farm schools should be designed and run. Post Great War.

1931 Dedication of Pinjarra School Chapel

1947 & 1948 Perth Fairbridge Centre – Our Christmas Message

Fairbridge People – Pinjarra

Fairbridge Pinjarra Cemetery – A list of those who are at rest here

Fairbridge Pinjarra Memorial Rose Garden – those remembered in this Garden, next to the Church

Fairbridge Pinjarra Memorial Wall – those remembered on this Wall, next to the Church

Fairbridge Pinjarra Principals and Acting Principals – From establishment to closure

Farewell Signature Book to Mr H R M Allan 1963 (signed by all children)

Fairbridge Pinjarra Staff – A List of staff members across the decades


Fairbridge State School

List of Primary teachers 1917 to 1976:


Fantales – A late 1990’s newsletter by then Fairbridge Managers, Irena & Maurie Harrison


A Letter Written by Ruby Fairbridge Six Years after her Return to England

Maps of Fairbridge, Pinjarra

Aerial Photograph

Map from 1931 booklet “Dedication of School Chapel”

Map from 1936

Map in 1951 from “Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School Information Booklet”

Map (recent) showing all buildings

Miscellaneous Memorabilia

Memorabilia – Interesting images of historic memorabilia through the ages

Old Fairbridgians’ Association W.A. – Magazine to Members

The Fairbridgian – Magazine of the Old Fairbridgians’ Association – 1929 to 1939

The Fairbridgian – Magazine of the Old Fairbridgians’ Association – 1940 to 1949

The Fairbridgian – Magazine of the Old Fairbridgians’ Association – 1950 to 1956

Photographs – Historical

Parties – Pre-emigration, shipboard & publicity shots




Old Photos – Fairbridge Pinjarra People & Village across the decades

Principal’s & Other Notices – Pinjarra

Fairbridge Pinjarra Notices – Weekly notices, various memoranda, Cottage Mother instructions, general letters to parents etc.

Shipping Departures & Arrivals

Shipping Departures & Arrivals – List of Child Emigration vessel details 1912 to 1969

Shipping Facts and Statistics – Neat little table showing some information regarding emigrant ships

Pictures of ships that transported the kids  (to follow)

Fairbridge Kids Since 1949

List of Fairbridge Kids

(Not currently included)

Time Line of Fairbridge

Fairbridge Pinjarra Time Line – Sequence of major events