The Hon. Mike Barnett, former W.A. M.L.A. and Fairbridge boy, recently wrote to many members of the OFA. The letter was:

“In February this year I was asked by the UK Government to be a part of a small group of Former Child Migrants from around the world to come to England, meet the Prime Minister, and to hear the public apology in the U.K. Parliament. The visit was organised by the Child Migrant Trust on behalf of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In was in my view a moving, emotional and sincere apology, delivered not just in the Parliament, but also later in the day at a private function in the Palace of Westminster by the Prime Minister. The apology was immediately supported by speeches in the Parliament by the leaders of each of the other Political Parties. The apology was accompanied by a commitment to provide six million pounds to allow former child migrants to travel to the U.K. to be reunited with their relatives. This sum is in excess of AUD $12 million. The second delivery in the Palace of Westminster was very sincere and displayed the P.M. had a deep understanding of the consequences of child migration. This part of the proceedings was filmed and a video will soon be available for those who wish to view it. Over the last months a massive amount of work has been done between the U.K. Government departments responsible and the Child Migration Trust to develop the process by which Former Child Migrants can apply and access funds to facilitate travel. In a short space of time I believe this process will be in place and details of how to access these funds will be available to former Child Migrants”

Mike has since forwarded a package containing details on how to apply for travel funding, plus an Information Pack and an Expression of Interest Application Pack to those OFA’s whose addresses are known. For those who are interested and would like to know more, you should be able to obtain the packs from the Child Migrants Trust Inc. at 8 Sunbury Road, Victoria park, Western Australia 6100.

You can also obtain details from the OFA. This is a really highlights a benefit of why Old Fairbridgians should belong to the OFA. Why not contact the OFA and take out membership today?