Notices & correspondence from the OFA:

1. Carolyn, daughter of George Hudson (now deceased) would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.

2. Patrick Neailey (at Fairbridge 1954 – 1962) would like to contact other Fairbridgians from his era.

3. Denis Dawe – Hi, I am an old Fairbridge kid – myself and my 3 brothers were sent to Western Australia 1954 onwards – William (Bob), myself Denis, Raymond, and Aubrey Dawe, we have recently heard a lot of interest in the way we were sent as child migrants to Fairbridge farm, we all carry happy memories of our time there and would like to be included on the old Fairbridge farm list and would like to be in touch with other members. Myself and brother Bob, live in England, but brother Raymond still lives in Perth and Aubrey lives in Canada.

4. Ronnie Sabin’s book “The Long Way Home” is now available. The book is Ronnie’s story at Molong and includes a brief introduction to other Fairbridge sites and a story from our own Vince McFagan. Contact OFA (email below – Jan) for ordering.

5. The OFA Museum is seeking Volunteers. The Museum will be open to the general public from 10:00am to 3:30pm on the first and third Sunday of each month and needs volunteers to assist. Basic training and volunteers information hand book will be provided together with overnight accommodation if required. Being a Museum Volunteer is an important role and assures the Fairbridge story is available to not only Fairbridgians but also the general public. .