Dear Members, I just wanted to personally let you know of the sad passing of Queenie Walsh on Friday after a long time in hospital. Queenie was the last Old Fairbridgian who knew Kingsley and Ruby Fairbridge personally. Below is an extract from an email from Queenie’s Grandson:

“We wanted to let you know that after a long time in hospital, Queenie Walsh sadly passed away today. She regularly talked with fondness of your get-togethers and meetings as well as the respect that you have shown her since your time at Fairbridge. We are obviously devastated that she is no longer with us all, but are at the same time relieved for her, that her suffering has come to an end. She always attributed so much of her success to the life philosophies and companionship in her early years to her time at Fairbridge that we wanted you to be one of the first to know. Please could you pass on the news to the Old Fairbridgians’ Association too. We are still to finalise details with Bowra & O’Dea but it looks most likely that we will hold a service on Friday at Karrakatta”.

I was fortunate enough to spend several hours with Queenie a week ago and we shared a beer together, her first since March, which she was very pleased about. She wanted to share her Sherry with me, which is our ritual, but it was locked in the hospital cupboard. Queenie was a most special person, a dear friend and a very passionate supporter of Fairbridge. Queenie was so pleased that the work of Fairbridge was continuing and she met many of the new ‘Fairbridge Kids’ over the years and enjoyed talking with them and encouraging them. She will be sadly missed. I will attend Queenie’s funeral on Friday representing Fairbridge. The notice of the funeral should be in the paper tomorrow as the family is finalizing the details today. I can just see Queenie, Kingsley and Ruby having a great old chat together right now!

All the best and kindest regards

Mark Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Fairbridge Western Australia Inc