Whilst Founder’s Day down at Fairbridge is a great gathering, often time is limited and perhaps many people can’t make the trip due to the distance or family/work commitments etc. The OFA is always looking at different ways of getting Old Fairbridgians and friends together again. How about a BBQ later on in the year – somewhere in Perth – when the weather is better? Perhaps October or November? We’d like as many “Young” Fairbridgians as possible (plus of course all the regulars who come down to the Farm each July) to come! You “Young Fairbridgians” know who you are – those who were there in the 1950’s, 1960’s & 1970’s and rarely get down to Founder’s Day:) How about dropping Stuart Law (OFA President) a line and offering some support for the idea? Could be a great day – bring the kids & leave the laptop at home! I think an annual Perth BBQ in the park would be great! Although without you it won’t happen, so come on!