Another Founder’s day has come and gone. It was a great honour to see members of Kingsley and Ruby Fairbridge’s family visiting the Farm and taking part in the celebration and memorial. After the 11.00am church service there was a service for scattering the ashes of the late Barbara Rowley, the elder daughter of Kingsley and Ruby, at the gravesite of Kingsley. Earlier in the day Stuart Law showed the Fairbridge family around the Farm. Coming from Queensland and the A.C.T, this was their first visit to the Farm but hopefully not the last. Later a fabulous lunch was served in the Club House. Early in the afternoon the opening of the new caretaker’s cottage “Elizabeth” was celebrated by members of the Fairbridge family, the Hon Don Randall MP, Fairbridge W.A. Chairman John Smith, Fairbridge W.A. CEO Mark Anderson and a good crowd of OFA’s and friends to take in this occasion.

The day was blessed by lovely sunshine and once again it was a pleasure for all to catch many old faces not least including Queenie Walsh who I believe is the only surviving Old Fairbridgian who was at the Farm when Kingsley was alive! Over lunch David Buck called for order in his fine voice, Mark Anderson gave us an eloquent update on Farm renovation activities (what a good speaker!) and members of the OFA were identified so everyone knew who they are!

Espied at the gathering included John Smith, Mark Anderson, Norm & Pat Henshall, Pam Wilson, David Buck, Noel Wishart, Irena Harrison, Rosemary Pearce, Lois Elliot, Veronica Devereaux, Alwyn Bridges, John Lane, “Pin” Heslington, Marcelle O’Brien, Wally & Jan Churchill, Lyn Rainey & Doug, Ted Mir – oh, sorry, I’ve missed so many as I don’t know all the names. Oh, and we were there too – Stuart Law, Barry, Gordon and Tim Stuart. Thanks to all for a great day.