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  • Gordon Stuart 2 January 2013

    Is there a capable person who would like to take over management of this website? It needs a good make-over using a more modern web tool than what I use currently. Please contact me gordon@fairbridgekids.com You get just about all the content to present how you wish. For someone with a little time on their hands, some technical and artistic ability, and a genuine feeling for Fairbridge history, it would be a rewarding experience, as I have found so over the last 6-7 years.

  • Gordon Stuart 12 November 2012

    I am very pleased to advise that I have added quite a few more photos in Old Photos section, in the 1910’s and 1920’s decades. More to come – those decades plus later, and the Parties. You may also have noticed that I am making headway with standardising the photo size to fit the screen wherever possible. I’ve done this in all the Present Times photos and the earlier decades Old Photos. Now for the rest!

  • Gordon Stuart 8 November 2012

    Added are some new photos around the village – Clive, Shakespeare, Scratton, Cook, around the school and the new Ruby Fairbridge Centre. I was also privileged to visit the Old Farm site at South Pinjarra and have added a series of photos (Village Recent, Old Farm). Also have a look at how Darwin looks now after repairs and renovations – absolutely great and a credit to Fairbridge W.A. and all those who were involved in the work

  • Gordon Stuart 4 October 2012

    I’ve added a Google search button on he first page. Leave the box ticked and put in a search and it will return all pages where your search argument exists in this site. Not bad. Might be helpful?

    Most of the web page development ideas are tested out in the “mingor” site (link in Present Times) and very shortly I plan to make this website – Click on a Pic to enlarge, Click on the Pic again to reduce it again – the same as the mingor site. Works pretty well there. This means you are returned to your place on a page without having to scroll down each time to access the next pic. A lot neater too but a lot of work to enable it. I’ll get there

  • Gordon Stuart 14 August 2012

    I would like to take the opportunity to remind visitors to this website that this is not the website of the Old Fairbridgians’ Association and specifically does not support allegations recently published by a committee member of the OFA in the press. This website is produced and managed totally independently of the OFA. The OFA uses this website in their publications to members as one source of information which may assist them discovering aspects their past, and as an email conduit.

  • Gordon Stuart 24 May 2012

    Completed the shipping information. It reads quite well (I hope)

  • Gordon Stuart 19 May 2012

    There are three things I am mainly working on now. Under “Our History” I have added “Shipping Departures & Arrivals”. This is work-in-progress and will be finished within the next week or so. I am also writing up OFA Notices to Members, current notices. This can be found under “OFA” & then “OFA News Letters 2011-Present”. Third is trying to replace images with larger ones (a considerable task). I have so far done some in the “1965-1969″ page of “Old Photos” on the “Our History” page.

  • Gordon Stuart 2 April 2012

    This year’s ANZAC Day service will be held as usual at the Colonnade (Memorial Gates) on Sunday 29th April commencing at 11.00am. A BYO lunch follows in the Clubhouse with coffee and tea provided.

  • Gordon Stuart 1 April 2012

    The 15th of this month marks the 100th anniversary of Kingsley and Ruby Fairbridge arriving at Albany aboard the “Afric” with the intention of starting a Farm School. A sobering thought to me (and I might add to them as well, according to Ruby’s book) is that it was exactly the same day the R.M.S. Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean – 15th April, 1912.

  • Gordon Stuart 11 February 2012

    The O.F.A. Annual General Meeting is on next Sunday, 19th February, in the Clubhouse.